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    If choices are different, the results of the changes.
    GreenySystem Co.,Ltd
    Experience ITAD SOLUTION.

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    GreenySystem Co.,Ltd
    Businesses need to make their IT assets more secure.
    I'll help you dispose of it.

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    GreenySystem Co.,Ltd
    to be central to a new industry called "ITAD"

    I'll do my best.

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GreenySystem Co.,Ltd helps companies securely and valuefully dispose of IT assets.


"ITAD" This is the facility status of the Green System, the center of the new industry.

  • Hard Disk Test Center

  • Data deletion Center


Greenysystem Co.,Ltd always does its best for customers.

  • Certificate / Patent

    • Certificate of Excellent Technology Company
    • Patent No. 10-1493279
    • a waste disposal permit
    • Venture Business Confirmation Letter
    • Quality Management Certificate
    • Environmental Management Certificate
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If you leave any questions, I'll try to give you a prompt and prompt reply.

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